Acrylic nails, Gel Polish (it stays!), Glitter nails

Amanda graduated from Northwest College School of Beauty in Beaverton, Oregon. She specialized in Acrylics and" glitter-fying" everything! She is always trying to learn new techniques and perfect her nail art skills. Amanda is a perfectionist, and the longevity of her work shows her talent. Amanda always says, we can almost guarantee you that "your gel polish will grow out before it chips off!" She is open to seeing images of work you would like done, and can make it happen! You can email your images to the salon's email: Or you can ask for an "Amanda manicure", and get a surprise manicure!

Amanda enjoys spending time with her family, with her four active children. Whether it is softball practice or wrestling tournaments, you will find her cheering them on and coaching the team! 

Instagram: @amandathenailtech