I have to say that I love this place.  I have had two really great experiences here- and each time with the same stylist-SHAUNA.  I adore her. Why?  Because she is SHARP as a tack, has a fantastic sense about people, and gives a mean haircut.  She loves working with curly hair- which I have- and she gave me a beautiful and functional cut that was exactly what I wanted.  She also cut and bleached a strip into my teenage son's hair- and this was the first time he let anyone NEAR his hair in ages.  She was so cool with him.  Gave him a great style that he liked and they talked music for a good hour and a half while she worked on his hair.  Also- Shauna didn't just cut and style my hair, she taught me how to style it myself in a way that she knew I would since I don't spend much time on my hair.  I love Shauna and you will too.  She knows what's up with your hair.  She knows what's up.

EXCELLENT service, LOVELY brilliant nail technician and GORGEOUS facility! The front desk lady is warm, light-hearted and adorable. Thank you, Venus Allure for being my favorite Salon in Portland.

I had my nails done today and they look amazing! Wonderful experience, I love going to this salon each and every time! Thank you

A week ago I got my hair cut with Jina. She does the Deva Curl hair cuts. My hair is so curly now. It lost its curl after having children and she brought it back. I am so happy.
Please tell her thank you and I will be back! Michelle

Massage was best I have had. He has strong hands when needed. My lower back was tender so he was gentler when he needed to be.

I had a pedicure  today and it was very relaxing.  This place is a joy to be at and the glass of wine was a nice touch!  I will be back!

Jina is so great. She is meticulous and does a fantastic job on my hair, and my hair isn’t easy.

Shauna does my hair and she is undeniably great! The owner and manager are on top of it and very hands on with the clients and provide a 5 star experience to everyone that walks in. I am a client for life!

A girlfriend surprised me with a pedicure appointment at Venus Allure Salon and Spa. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in and saw the unique set up, different from my typical pedicure place. The staff were very friendly and talked to us throughout the appointment. It is the only place I have gone where they gave me the nail polish afterwards to take home for touch ups. Enjoying a nice pedicure with good company and a glass of wine was a great way to enjoy time with my friend while she was in town, I recommend it for girls day. I made a return appointment while checking out.

Everyone at the salon is always so professional and kind.  I've been getting my hair done by Shauna and she is very talented with both colors and cuts!!!!

Jina has been cutting my hair for two years. She always takes good care of me and gives me a great cut. Thanks!

Amazing customer service!! Lots of extras. Incredible experience. We had a large group and even though we were running late, they took really great care of us and pampered us.

Peaceful, relaxing, pleasant, high-quality services. Looking forward to another visit.

I went to Shauna at Venus for my very first DevaCurl haircut on my disorderly curly hair. It was my first dry haircut experience, so I was very apprehensive.  Shaunawas amicable, observant, and well-informed.  She doesn't have curly hair, but she KNOWS curls.  She is Deva-certified, but even beyond that, she is an artist and acts with an instinctive aptitude to bring out the best of your curls.  She took the time to cut each individual curl group -- two hours of work in total.  While she was cutting she explained the method she uses (Deva Curl).  She took extra time to show me a new way to dry my hair, and was very considerate with product recommendations, but not at all pushy about me needing to buy anything.  Plus, she was just very charming and enjoyable to be around.  I'll end this review with the honest admission that I cried after my haircut -- tears of relief that I finally found someone who can bring out the best in my hair and, by extension, my natural beauty.  Having curly hair is an arduous journey, and everyone's curls are different.  I highly recommend Shauna if you need help embracing your specific curls and making them look their best.

After a visibly botched all over color at another place in Milwaukie, I looked on Yelp for top reviewed places in Portland.  I selected Venus Allure.
The stylist, named Shauna, not only had to correct the mess left in the wake of my days old hair disaster, but had to make the outcome look realistic, natural and professional.
Happily, Shauna succeeded at it all!  This meant something special for me because, as a blind person, I can not directly observe whether the work is well done and must go through my day until I can find someone honest and clear-eyed enough to tell me honestly.  My daughter filled that role this go-round and said that the work looked amazing.
Thanks, Shauna and staff for your welcoming and professionalism.  I plan to re-visit Venus Allure regularly.

Anna is a very talented hairstylist and I will be her client for life!  She brought volume to my hair that I have never had before and the color is super shiny!  I love my hair again!