Summer Hair Inspiration :: Beachy Waves

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One of the most sought after looks is beachy waves. Many women have some natural wave to their hair, some of us have straight, slumpy or super fine hair, one random wave, crazy cowlicks or tightly curled hair, so achieving this style varies per hair type and texture. Here we share some tips using the amazing Davines sea salt spray, combined with some of our other favorite products and a little love, you too can rock the beachy hair on the city streets, at a party, at a wedding or even while camping!


It’s important to remember that your own unique strands ensue varying results and that embracing your perfectly unique locks is key to getting that desired look and feel. Short hair can be the most difficult to get prolific waves if your hair is naturally straight as an arrow, but definitely worth a try with this product.

If your hair is naturally curly and you want that looser wavy look:

After you’ve showered, straighten your hair (once dried). Apply the Davines spray and using a large rod curling iron, quickly heat set large locks of hair.

If your hair is super straight and fine:

Use Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion  as a conditioner. When hair is damp, spritz the hair with Davines sea salt spray. Separate hair into a top and bottom layer of large loosely woven braids (scrunch each section just before braiding ) and leave the hair tie loose too, so as not to have a cut at the bottom. Let air dry or blow dry on the lowest setting until fully dried. Take out and tousle slightly.

All these products we proudly carry at the salon and are always available and happy to assist in hand picking the best combination of products for your hair and desired look. If you’d rather get a one-on-one tutorial and/or styling session, we’re always down for that too.

Have a great hair day Portland!


-Venus Allure Salon and Spa