Oh Those Glorious Nails

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We have a new nail tech (well new-ish, she joined us a little over a month ago) and she has comfortably merged herself as part of our team. We respect her nail expertise and admire her more than amazing personality.

Nickole Brenning is her name and nails are her specialty. She’s been beautifying the hands of Portland for more than 20 years while specializing in top notch acrylics, nail art and gel manicures. She’s not the kind of lady you’d want a magazine for while getting pampered. She will ask you questions, and equally talks about her fabulous self in return when inquired. Before you can read an article in your fave zine your nails are polished (as in manicured and nail polished) because you’ve had so much fun talking. While getting a standard manicure (which for the record I highly recommend getting more than that because, let’s be straight-gels and acrylics just last longer) I had the pleasure of learning all about Nicki.


Her vibrant personality makes the experience what it should be; she’s gorgeous for one, is a perfectionist, has a down to earth sense of humor, (she is a Portland native after all) is fantastic at her craft, and she’s just straight up fun to hang with! I warned her of my jerk nails that peel and are weak and she said she loves a challenge. Ha! 1/3 in to the way she said, “Girl you weren’t kidding, these nails are jerks!” But, she filed, clipped and buffed them, painted, unpainted and re-painted one in particular that was just extra rough. (seriously my nails are exceptionally brittle and rough). But she didn’t make it weird by telling me it was no big deal whilst continuing to huff away, which is a common experience for me. She understood my struggle and acknowledged it, even made it a joke, which personally I fully appreciate. We wanted our clients to know a little more about her so she generously shared some things with us.


Venus Allure: How did you get started in nails? Where did you attend school or where did you get your training?

Nicky: I attended Beau Monde and I have been licensed in nails since 1993. I was always fascinated with long nails and the interesting ladies that did them! I then did retail makeup artistry for Lancôme and Chanel.  I graduated from Phagans and received my esthetics license in 2013 . I’m currently finishing my hours to be a licensed hair dresser too. I love making women look and feel beautiful! I’m passionate about the beauty industry.


Venus Allure: What are the things that make you happy?

Nicky: I have 3 children. They are 23, 21 and 17.  I love the Oregon coast, cooking, traveling, reading and spending time with my Mother. I’m an only child.  My favorite guilty pleasure is champagne brunch on Sundays.  I’m a breast cancer survivor in remission since 2012. Thank you Knight Cancer Institute.


Venus Allure: What do you love most about Portland?

Nicky: Portland is a jewel. It’s so unique and beautiful. All the eclectic communities! I’m a product of this bold and diverse atmosphere and proud of it!


This lady has gorgeous hands and those acrylics are not messing around!


We adore the green pyramid points on these ones.


 She definitely has some skill with floral nail art.


Here’s an example wheel of some fun and sparkly abstract nail art.

melissa mcCall

Rainbow nails!


For those of us who don’t know much about nails but have always wanted to explore the world of acrylics, it’s definitely a commitment. Keeping those babies looking their best requires upkeep every 2 weeks, just an hour every two weeks, but the dedication is a must in order to keep you and your nail tech happy.

Along with her attention to detail and care for each nail, Nicky definitely has a genuine “I appreciate today and every little thing about it” vibe going on, so it’s no mystery why she’s has so many dedicated clients follow her around, some since Highschool! We fully plan on keeping her here. Her deep appreciation for OHSU’s Knight Cancer Institute is very apparent. She says if anyone has to go through that awful experience, that’s the place to do it. They take really good care of their patients.

We admire our newest nail tech for many reasons and we’re so so happy she’s a part of our Venus Allure family. Eventually, she hopes to have a chair in the salon too once she finishes her hours at Phagans, and we can’t wait to see what her magic hands can accomplish with that!

We’re currently holding a special for first time clients of Nicky: Get $20 off your first visit! Call today to book your appointment.