May Day : Hair Stylist Appreciation Day

Posted by on May 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today is a well known Holiday that has been celebrated for many years, May Day. It’s a day that truly marks the beginning of the Spring/Summer season, the day that brings us the beginning days of abundant flowers.
Today is also another very important day, Hair Stylist Appreciation Day. Whomever introduced this much needed day certainly strategically placed it on the calendar accordingly. May Day is traditionally a day to share flowers with loved ones, so including one’s hairstylist on that list would for sure make his/her day. (Or a note, a thank you, a photo of a flower works too!)

So, in celebration of this day we want to say thank you to our wonderful team for always rocking their work and sending all their clients out the door happy, feeling beautiful, handsome and anew. What a rewarding industry we work in.
We’d also like to shout out to all the hairstylists in our city who help make the heads in Portland pretty, nice work fellow hairstylists (and make up artists too)!!!

Happy May Day Everyone!







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