Kristi Does PDX Gets Venus Allure Treatment

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You may be familiar with the local blog Kristi Does PDX. AS a Portland Native, Kristi explores every pocket of her lovely hometown-as well as this region of the world that we call the Pacific Northwest-and blogs about it. She is also an avid traveler and has visited 26 countries and counting! Because of her love for Portland, her knowledge of the sweetest spots and her skilled writing (her posts go beyond basic “blogging”), we asked her to be a guest writer for our blog and share an experience with us.

It was interesting to discover that this little (not so little) blog she’s created and devoted to is a passion aside from her full time job as a video producer. This busy lady has many layers of awesomeness that you can learn about on her About Page!

It was perfect timing when we reached out to her. She was originally looking to do something dramatic like dye her hair bright red, but what she and Jina ended up discovering, and thus doing made way more sense for now. This post should be quite informative for those whose hair has changed post-pardem or from some other random unknown cause.


“Becoming a mom is full of expectations but in most cases, things never happen quite the way you expect.  I was expecting the first few months to be difficult because of sleep deprivation when in fact it was difficult because of hormones (sleep too, but hormones the most).   I was expecting to be lonely as a stay-at-home mom, but at the end of the day I usually crave solitude.  I was expecting to lose my thick beautiful pregnancy hair, but I was not expecting the loss  to go on for this long or be nearly this severe.  

My hair started falling out about seven months post-partum and it has been falling out at a steady rate for the last 4 months.  I don’t have bald spots… yet! But I am really scared I’m going to have some soon.  I’m going days between hair washings because I dread the sight of my hair coming out in my hands, handfuls at a time.  When I sweep the floors in my home, my hair is just as plentiful as the dog hair.  Now that my hair is visibly thin on top, I’m starting to get really self conscious.  I’ve started doing a “comb-over” like a balding man.   I’m starting to go a little crazy.


This is her before photo. As you can see, she doesn’t seem as happy about her hair as she’d like. You can see the difference in the photo at the top that her mane is usually very thick.


This was the state I was in when I showed up at Venus Allure.  I didn’t just need help with a cut, I needed advice on overall head, scalp and hair care.  I needed someone to talk to.  Is this normal?  How do I encourage growth and still look good?  I showed up for my appointment anxious for someone to talk to.  Luckily, Jina was more than happy to help.  She became my hair therapist for the next few hours.  


Jina Bower

She very gently examined my hair and told me there was some new growth (thank god!) but not a lot.  She gave me some advice about how to stimulate my scalp with specialized shampoo-that is available at the salon in fact-and better washing techniques.  She said it’s okay to blow dry but no more hot styling tools.  Most importantly, she gave me advice on styling and a new cut.  She agreed with my side-part/comb-over style but shaped it into an a-line cut.  She also lightened my roots to decrease that contrast between my scalp and hairline, so as not to draw attention to my thinning top.  

slow Mondays

She visited on a Monday, which as you can see makes for an even more personal experience because it’s our most laid back day.

In the end she even advised me to go see a doctor about my hair loss.  You’d think this would make me feel worse but it made me feel much better.  “You mean I’m not crazy?  This really is bad hair loss?  Thank you for confirming my fears.”  I said. I’ve never had to turn to a stylist for this kind of help before but I’m so thankful that I fell into the helpful hands of Jina and the rest of the Venus Allure staff..  She laid down some serious KNOWLEDGE about hair, and taught me how to  care for and style my hair over the next few months.  My hair loss still has not let up but thanks to her I feel like myself again.



You can see that’s Kristi is much happier after her cut, highlights and hair therapy session with Jina!

Jina is one of our longest standing stylists and we love how passionate she is about her job. She loves the challenging circumstances that clients can bring in and was so very happy to work with Kristi. Don’t forget to check out Kristi’s blog and you can also read more about Jina here. Kristi promised to keep us posted on how her hair is doing and her re-growth. Thanks for letting our team take care of you Kristi!

Have a wonderful hair day Portland!




~ Venus Allure