Don’t Let the Changing Weather Control Your Complexion

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We live in Oregon, a state known for drastic weather changes that occur suddenly. Many don’t realize the effects this has on our skin and hair. It can be difficult to know what to use when your face suddenly starts to dry out in the Fall/Winter months and you’re already applying moisturizers etc. This taskcan be daunting especially when there are an abundance of product out there.

Our Dermalogica skincare line has had the pleasure of changing so many lives. We’re not exaggerating; if you haven’t had the experience of using this product you are seriously missing out on how your skin really wants to feel. Dermalogica works in a way that enhances your skins normal beauty while working with problems like dryness, overly oily, over aging and discoloration without the harshness of other products and a ton of ingredients that are hard to decipher, the entire line is paraben free.  Our experts are highly experienced with this line and all use it themselves. They realize the importance of changing the regimen per season, per person when needed and the ability to do that while not shocking your skin too much with brand changes. Our shelves are stocked with product and our estheticians with knowledge to help form personalized daily routines.



Ultra Calming Mist (Apply morning and night after cleansing to reduce redness, blemishes and replenish hydration)



Overnight Retinol Repair (an all encompassing cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles, hydrates the skin and prevents breakouts without thinning the outer layer of skin like other anti-aging products)


Call Venus Allure now to schedule a personal consultation with one of our specialists. Or if you’re in the neighborhood, drop in and we’ll most likely be able to help you! Take care of that complexion and don’t let the weather make you feel frustrated.

Have a good complexion day Portland!



~Venus Allure