Deva Curl and Other Great Products

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As a Deva Curl certified salon, we not only offer trained stylists, but also supply the special product. One of the products from Deva Curl is their Decadence line.  And yes we have it in stock.

DevaCurl Decadence SuperCream

Our curly haired clients have already started to rush in and swoop up this stuff, so visit us soon and do your spirals, twists and waves a favor. If you already use Deva Curl you know how wonderful the non-paraben formula is; targets everything you’ve ever desired to make it possible for you to OWN your curls instead of hide them or straighten them.

We also recommend the Super Cream Coconut Curl Styler that uses:

  • Coconut oil for healthy-looking shine and moisture.
  • Jojoba protein to boost elasticity and strengthen curls—you’ll get more bounce!



Salma Hayek rocks the Deva Curl look on her silky swirls.


Are you looking for a new skincare regimen? We carry Dermalogica and the diverse line includes washes, tonics and creams for all types of skin and problems: dryness, acne, oily, aging and combination. Most skincare packages are a one-target solution pack which can in all realness be more harmful than helpful. The advantages of coming in to purchase (as opposed to amazon) is that one of our skincare experts can help find the best products for your unique complexion and we don’t charge shipping. You’d be surprised to discover that many of the products we carry are slightly less than online. Scheduling a facial will even further benefit your skin because our estheticians can get up close and personal to further discover how your skin can benefit from certain products and a fresh plan.

There is one product however that will benefit pretty much every face and that’s the microfoliant. This powdery foaming exfoliant works so exquisitely you can feel the difference immediately and see it too! Your face really will feel like a baby’s bum. The ultra calming mist is another highly beneficial spray that evens skin-tone, reduces redness and moisturizes the skin sans greasiness. Your face will glow radiantly with the these two combined. All of the products we carry are top of the line and so effective, thus a little goes a long way so each container will last a while.