Points Program Will Earn You $20 To Spend on Products

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We have some pretty exciting news for our most loyal customers.  You will earn points towards $20 off your favorite product or try a new one.  Here’s how it works:  For every dollar spent in service (with salon staff employees) and products you earn points, prebook your next appointment and ear 100 bonus points.  Keep […]

Deva Curl and Other Great Products

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  As a Deva Curl certified salon, we not only offer trained stylists, but also supply the special product. One of the products from Deva Curl is their Decadence line.  And yes we have it in stock. Our curly haired clients have already started to rush in and swoop up this stuff, so visit us […]

It’s Summer Time!

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We love Summer just as much as you do. We love to see all the inspiring new ideas our clients bring in with them and the opportunity to help them look their best; whether it’s hair, nails, massage, facials and/or  our extensive collection of high end products with the likes of Kevin Murphy, Davines, Deva […]

Dermalogica : : Why We Love Them

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Many of our clients depend on our estheticians for anti-aging treatments and advice. We’re pretty passionate about helping to reduce the signs of aging as well as help to reverse existing bothersome surface skin appearances like wrinkles, age spots and dry, flaky skin. The reason why we love Dermalogica is because we’ve tried it, used […]

Deva Curls are What it’s About!

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Deva Curls are What it’s About!

Do you have curly hair? Is it unruly? Ok, have you heard of Deva Curl yet? Don’t worry we’ll give you the run down of one of the most innovative cutting methods and product lines ever and it’s specifically for curls. It doesn’t matter what kind, we’ve got you covered. It all started with a […]

Summer Hair Inspiration :: Beachy Waves

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One of the most sought after looks is beachy waves. Many women have some natural wave to their hair, some of us have straight, slumpy or super fine hair, one random wave, crazy cowlicks or tightly curled hair, so achieving this style varies per hair type and texture. Here we share some tips using the […]

Don’t Let the Changing Weather Control Your Complexion

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We live in Oregon, a state known for drastic weather changes that occur suddenly. Many don’t realize the effects this has on our skin and hair. It can be difficult to know what to use when your face suddenly starts to dry out in the Fall/Winter months and you’re already applying moisturizers etc. This task

A Beautiful Mess at Venus Allure

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We’re solid fans of local fashion/style and beauty blogs because the writers represent a wide variety of tips, products and places that they love with their readers. We especially love when they feature local faves, ’cause that’s always good for small businesses here in Portland. We caught up with one of those favorites and invited […]

Oh The Pretty Things

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We have so many clients come in with unique and fabulous ideas that inspire us every day. We’re pretty lucky that we get to work in this creative driven city where folks like to stand out, so each and every day is not only fun but evokes challenges that keep things fresh and our expert […]